About us

The Energy Regulatory Agency was established by the Parliament of Montenegro on January 22, 2004 in accordance with the Energy law, as autonomous, non-profit organisation, legally and functionally independent from the state authorities and energy undertakings.

The Agency is an independent regulatory authority with competences in the field of electricity, natural gas, oil and petroleum derivate and heating energy, as well as the competences in the area of utilities in the part relating to the regulation of prices for water supply and wastewater management..

The objectives of the Agency are to contribute, in cooperation with the competent bodies of the Energy Community and regulatory organisations of other Energy Community members, the promotion of a competitive, efficient, safe and by environmental protection sustainable electricity and gas markets in Montenegro, the promotion of adequate conditions for the efficient and reliable functioning of the electricity and gas systems, as well as the development of competitive regional markets that function adequately within the Community.

Within its competences, the Agency applies decisions enacted by competent bodies of the Energy Community, according to ratified international contracts, is entitled to sign cooperation agreement with  regulatory organisations of the Energy Community members in order to promote regulatory cooperation, cooperates with regulatory and other competent Energy Community member organisations and countries in the region in the field of cross-border issues, to contribute to market integration, as well as harmonisation and exchange of data and information at the regional level.