At the beginning of this year, the Montenegrin legal framework regulating the functioning of the energy market was amended by adopting the Law on Surveillance of the Wholesale Electricity and Natural Gas Market (“Official Gazette of Montenegro”, No. 1/22). This improvement of the legal framework was implemented in order to improve the transparency of the wholesale electricity and gas market and to establish an effective system of surveillance over it.

To facilitate the application of this law, REGAGEN has already in the first month of its implementation established a set of forms that can be accessed on this website.

The initial obligation of market participants, prescribed by the Law on Surveillance of the Wholesale Market of Electricity and Natural Gas, is to apply for entry into the register of wholesale market participants, established by REGAGEN. Starting from the existing obligations and roles of various energy entities in the energy system, and aiming to promote the development of a transparent market, REGAGEN in late February this year invited COTEE, BELEN, SEE CAO, and CGES to remind market participants with whom they have direct contact of the new law in force.

REGAGEN is especially grateful to the Coordinated Auction Office in South East Europe (SEE CAO) for conscientiously and promptly informing market participants about their new obligations, which, according to European practice, are applied in Montenegro starting from this year. During March, 16 wholesale electricity market participants successfully registered, namely: EURENERGIA s.r.l., Second Foundation A.S., MFT Energy A/S, Future Energy Trading and Exchange Dynamics sh.p.k., Energi Denmark A/S, Alpiq Energy SE, AlbEsp Trading & Consulting sh.p.k., GSA sh.p.k., GSA ENERGJI sh.p.k., GSA ENERGY DOO, Danske Commodities A/S, STRATEGIC ENERGY TRADING S.A, ReNRGY Trading Group sh.p.k, ReNRGY Trading Group SR DOO; PETROL CRNA GORA MNE DOO and Nova Commodities DOO Belgrade.

REGAGEN invites other wholesale market participants in Montenegro (all natural or legal persons, i.e. entrepreneurs, who trade in electricity and/or participate in auctions of cross-border transmission capacities at Montenegrin borders) to submit applications for registration by April 18, 2022.