A market participant may delay the publication of inside information if the publication would jeopardize its business if the delay does not mislead the public, if the market participant can ensure the confidentiality of that information and will not conduct transactions on the wholesale market based on that information. In this case, the wholesale market participant is obliged to inform REGAGEN within 24 hours from the occurrence of inside information, by submitting the completed and signed form to the e-mail remit@regagen.co.me.

The law prescribes a fine for a legal entity (from 5,000 EUR to 40,000 EUR) and a responsible person in a legal entity (from 500 EUR to 4,000 EUR), if the wholesale market participant does not notify REGAGEN of the delay in disclosure of inside information within 24 hours of the occurrence of inside information and if does not submit to REGAGEN concerned inside information.